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We specialize in purchasing (through our national network of investors along with our own personal investment fund) making any necessary repairs and providing owner financing options to anyone but specializing insisting those with credit issues or any other concerns that one may have to think that they would be unable to pursue their dream of owning their own home. We are committed to helping you find your dream home, regardless of your credit history.

Credit issues, No problem!

Problemas de crédito, ¡no hay problema!

Sí, me encanta trabajar con mis clientes de habla hispana. también.

First time home buyer specialist.

Programs available for all situations.

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Down payment assistance.

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Ollieray B. Mendes has held a Texas real estate license since the early 80s and is highly experienced in all facets of Real Estate from apartment locating, Property Management, representing home buyers and sellers, commercial real estate knowledge, real estate investment strategies such as wraparound mortgages, Buy and Hold Investments, subject to Investments, purchase, renovate and resale not to mention he takes joy and specializes with working with first-time home buyers and individuals who are unable to secure financing through a bank due to credit difficulties and therefore need a specialist who has decades facilitating financing through an owner or through some other creative method where a bank is not needed. With over 40 years of experience as a Texas realtor it is easy to understand why ownerfinanceking.com has chosen Mr. Mendes to represent the San Antonio and surrounding areas. When he is not demonstrating his knowledge as a real estate guru you may find him demonstrating one of his other two loves which are enjoying the golf course or at your local pub enjoying a cold adult beverage and jamming on the guitar.

Our national list of owner finance properties Plus our national contractors who can make any necessary repairs equals your home ownership regardless of any credit difficulties or never have purchased a home before!

Purchasing properties throughout the United States, making any repairs if needed and then owner financing them to people who want to own a home but simply have credit issues that were able to overlook has been our recipe for success for a little over two decades No other company in the United States has yet to prove that their strategy is superior and more successful therefore the challenge that our founder presented almost 21 years ago has yet to be accomplished making us the Owner Finance King and continuing to help and assist individuals and families who are first time buyers or have credit issues into homeowners!

We buy the homes.

Simply purchasing homes, townhomes, condos and lots for a new home build using our money as well as our national group of investors has been our key to success.

We repair the home.

We are fortunate to have contractors throughout the country who are capable of making any necessary repairs before your purchase.

We owner finance the home to you. Easy enough?

If the bank won't loan you the money to provide the "American dream", then let us step in and show you why we're the owner finance King!

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of homes do you purchase?

We purchase all types of homes, from single-family houses to townhomes and condos.

How does the owner financing process work?

Our owner financing process involves customizing a payment plan that suits your financial situation, making it easier for you to own a home.

Do you offer repair services for homes not purchased through your company?

Yes, we offer repair and renovation services for homeowners who want to enhance their current property.

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“Thanks to Ollieray and every one who assisted me at the Owner Finance King, I was able to purchase my first home even with my credit challenges. They made the process easy and I couldn't be happier with my new home!”

— Samantha M.

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Even where we office out of has been purchased and being repaired for an owner finance opportunity. Oh yeah not to mention the property we purchased across the street as well. It's good to be king! Now let us help to turn you into the king of your Castle!

About us

OwnerFinanceKing.com is dedicated to providing accessible home ownership opportunities to everyone regardless if your credit history is excellent or just the opposite. Our unique approach of purchasing, repairing, and owner financing homes sets us apart in the real estate market. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to own their own home, and we are here to make that a reality.